Samsung Flat LCD - Five Compelling Facts For Owning One

Samsung Flat LCD is a great flat screen brand for those die hard sports fans that want great color, clear picture quality and a fast refresh rate. It doesn't matter if your sport of choice is basketball, baseball, football or hockey. You'll be glad to have a Samsung flat LCD in your home.

High definition broadcasts take sports viewing to all new levels. Your Samsung flat LCD is equipped to handle the signals and bring you a picture surprisingly sharp and clear. Of course, you'll enjoy that strong, crisp on-screen colors as well.

Because Samsung flat LCD televisions are known for their excellent quality, this has boosted demand for these flat screen TVs. Quality improvements and falling prices make them an even more attractive purchase. Let's look at five important facts for purchasing a Samsung flat LCD to improve your sports viewing enjoyment.

1. Samsung flat LCD offers a fast response rate. The response rate is the time it takes the screen to refresh the next frame in the broadcast stream. The faster your response time, the smooth the on-screen motion. This is especially important when viewing action packed sequences such as a sporting event. Starting with their Samsung flat LCD Series 5, the response rates notched down from 8 milliseconds to a mere 4 milliseconds.

2. Fluid On-Screen Action - Because sporting event broadcasts feature high action, quick scene changes to capture the action, fluid picture motion is very important. To their credit, Samsung flat LCDs have greatly improved fluid motion which, at one time, was considered to a weak area in all flat LCD TVs. Again, starting with their Samsung flat LCD Series 5 television model, Samsung has made huge gains in bringing smooth, fluid image rendering especially in the 120Hz range.

3. Clear, crisp colors with a Samsung flat LCD - Nothing quite gives you the in-stadium feel like vibrant colors. The bright, sharp green of the grass playing field with the brilliant white stripes or the gleaming hardwood floor in a basketball arena. Clear panel technology is a Samsung flat LCD feature that is responsible for delivering these bright colors.

4. Brightness - Initially, Samsung flat LCDs and other flat LCD television brands suffered from poor back lighting making viewing of the screen less then ideal in brighter environments. Due to improvements in technology, you will find that the Samsung flat LCD has overcome this problem and produces a bright, clear picture in even a bright setting.

5. Samsung flat LCD Viewing - Imagine your friends crowded into a room to watch the big game. Some get front row seats while others are off to the side. Because a Samsung flat LCD offers 178 degrees of wide viewing angle, you know your friends will see all the action no matter if they are sitting directly in front or off to the side of your Samsung flat LCD.

Since Samsung is a strong player in the flat LCD market, you have wide variety of choices in Samsung flat LCDs with sizes ranging from a compact 22" screen all the way up to a 52" model. Whatever your room size, you will find a Samsung flat LCD to fit it.